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Refinishing and Optic Cuts are not included in the Package options. If you wish to add refinishing or an optic cut to your order, those options can be found at the links beow.


Click here for the Refinishing page.


Click here for the Optic Cuts page.


The Glock GAB 1.0 Package as is comes with the cuts shown in the photo. This package is only available on Glocks. The GAB 1.0 for the G42 is listed separately. This is not for the G42.


Cuts Included:

  • Angled M&P Style Straight Serrations (Removing Engraving)
  • Glock Side Shallow Face Cuts (Both Sides) (Two shallows per side)
  • Side Window (Cutout) (Both Sides) (Angled Ends inside second shallow)
  • Top Window (Cutout) (Not on G34/G35)
  • 45 Deg Long Top Edges Glock
  • Disassemble/Reassemble Slide if needed
  • DP Logo (Rear in shallows)


Top Serrations can be added in the drop down options.


This selection is good for all Glock models except G42.


The number of serrations differs from model and Gen.


Glock GAB 1.0 Package

Top Serrations
Angled M&P Style Straight Serrations
Side Shallow & Window Cuts
Top Window
45 Deg Top Long Edge

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