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The current turnaround time on general slide cut orders without refinishing is around 4 weeks. Optic cut only orders without refinishing is around 2-3 weeks. Melonite/Nickel/TiN/Rose refinishing adds 3 weeks. Cerakote refinishing adds 3-4 weeks. Frame stippling usually takes around 4-5 weeks. The turnaround time starts when the package is received at DP Custom Works.  


DP Custom Works LLC

5210 Horne Road

Marshville, NC 28103


FFL: 1-56-179-01-2F-13466

Email is the best way to contact DP Custom Works.

Please email us at

If you are Military (active or Veterans), LEO (active or retired), Firefighter (active or retired), First Responder (active or retired) ID's. Please request the discount code before placing your order.


After you have placed your order, read below!

Please send your items in as soon as possible. Please make sure your NAME or ORDER # is inside or outside the package.

If you only ordered part that are ready to ship like optic cover plates, slide back plate or DP gear, we will get those shipped out as soon as possible.

You can send a slide and/or barrel however you would like. A slide and/or barrel does not require and FFL or overnight shipping. That is only for the frame. We use USPS Priority Mail for slides and/or barrels. If you are sending serialized parts such as a frame, please send a copy of your government issued ID with your package. We do NOT recommend sending slides, frames and/or barrels in the padded envelope mailers.

If you wish to drop off your items, drop off hours are normally Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm eastern standard time but those hours may vary from day to day. Please contact us to schedule a day and time to drop off and/or pick up. 

If you are sending a check or Money Order, please make it out to Doug Presson.

You may know this but we need to put it out there because some don't realize it. The slide will be raw metal after the cuts and will need to be refinished in some way. You are more than welcome to handle the refinishing but wanted to make sure you were aware of that. If you wish for us to handle refinishing, please place an order for refinishing before sending your slide in.

You can send your items to the address below.

DP Custom Works
5210 Horne Road
Marshville, NC 28103

Again, Thanks for your order!



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