These selections only available on Glock.


Tall sights for co-witnessing can be found under SHOP - MISC PRODUCTS/SERVICES.


If you have a Trijicon SRO, choose the Trijicon RMR cut.

If you have a Holosun 508T, choose the Holosun 507/407 cut. 


The only opic cuts available on the G43, G48 and G43X are for the Holosun 407K/507K, Shield RMSc, Romeo Zero. If you have a Riton MPRD or Swampfox Sentinel, choose the Holosun K model cut. 


If you choose to remove the rear dovetail with the optic cut and want a new rear dovetail in front of the optic, you will need to add the new rear dovatil cut to your order.


New Rear Dovetail Cut


DeltapointPro WITH Intg Rear Sight-Remove Dovetail will be cut so the sight is flush to rear of slide.


Optic cuts are .125" deep on Glock slides except for G41 slides. Optic cuts on G41 slides are .075" deep.


Glock Optic Cut


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